Roller Pole Workshop with Kylie J

We’re so excited to FINALLY have the wonderful Miss Kylie J from Kylie J Studio in Geelong coming back to Pole Fanatics for a Roller Pole Workshop! It’s been too many moons since our last visit from Kylie and we can’t wait to bring Roller Pole to Rowville for the very first time!

Roller Pole is the most fun you can have on 4 wheels! Combine the old school fun of roller skating with Pole Dancing and you’ve got yourself an hour and a half of endless laughter and some seriously sore leg muscles the next day. If you’re looking for a new and unique adventure for your Friday night, grab your girlfriends and come give it a go!




WHEN: Friday February 4th at 7pm

HOW MUCH: $45 p/p (includes skate hire and knee pads)

⭐️Pole dancing on Quad Roller Skates: A guaranteed unique experience that is super fun!!

⭐️This workshop is Open level (some prior pole experience recommended but not completely necessary) and the skills can be adjusted to the level of the skater/poler.

⭐️Roller Pole IS NOT just pole tricks with roller skates on. It is rolling around the pole with a focus on using the wheels as much as possible. It includes beautiful flowing skate skills, roller jam foot work, unique floor work using your wheels and then adding in your current pole skills to make it all flow together. You’ll feel like a kid again throughout this 90 minutes of rolling, spinning and skate jamming fun!

In the workshop…
* Important Safety chat and Introduction
* Warm up with pole stretch
* Skate basics, using your stoppers, roller dance moves
* Transitions between poles/gliding/weaving
* Basic pole spins and transitions
* Floor skating skills
* Introduction to aerial tricks (landing, control, shapes)
* Group Roller Pole routine
* Skate circle freestyle
* Time at the end for pole play and group photos




** For any additional info, just contact us on 0422 304 483 or [email protected] **