Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions before you start? We’re always happy to help with anything you want to know but in case it’s 1am and you can’t get onto us right now, here’s some frequently asked questions that might give you the answers a bit faster.

Need to know more? Please feel free to call (0422 304 483) or email ([email protected]) any time with as many questions as you like!

What's the difference between casual classes and courses?
Our Courses are skill building which means they get progressively harder each week as you learn more tricks and build up your strength and flexibility. Typically you would want to start at a Beginners level for any course and work your way up through the Intermediate, Advanced, Elite and Masterclass levels. Due to the way these courses are structured, you would only enrol in a course if you can commit to attending as frequently as possible since missing a handful of weeks in a row would make it hard for you to catch up with what is happening in the class when you return. Our Casual Courses are not skill building which means you can attend them whenever you want without having to worry about missing out on learning vital things. They are also suitable for all levels from Beginners through to Masterclass and you don't have to wait until a new term starts to begin a casual course as you can enter at any stage.
Most definitely not! This is the most common question that we get asked and trust us, you don't have to have any previous experience, already be fit, have a certain level of strength or flexible or be any type of weight or age to begin. We design our Beginners level courses in aerials assuming that you will arrive to your first class having no idea at all what you are doing! We start off slow and each week you will learn something a little bit harder than the previous week so it's completely ok to get started with nothing but nerves under your belt. We can accept students as young as 13 with parents permission and our oldest students are over 60 so age is really no excuse to get started learning something new!
We don't typically believe in assessments as we think the best way for you to get settled into a new studio is to get into a class and interact with the instructors, make some new training friends and see how we do stuff here. Of course you are still welcome to pay for a private to get an assessment as to which level is best for you if you like but usually we can work that out with a simple chat about where you are at with your current training, the latest stuff you have been taught and what kind of things you think you could work on a bit more to improve. We can make a few suggestions and then you are welcome to come try out a casual class in the actual course to see how you like it. If you end up finding it to be the right fit, we will add the cost of the casual class to the total of the course for you.
We are a female only gym at 5D Squad but we can offer some suggestions of other awesome studios who offer mixed and male only classes :)
Bookings are absolutely essential at our studio as we have maximum numbers in all of our courses and classes. Unfortunately if you decide to come to a class without booking in first, we might have to send you home if there's no room available and that would really sux since you made the effort to visit us! You can easily book in via phone, email or our online booking buttons (Stripe) but last minute bookings are much easier to organise via phone as we can't always get to our emails while the studio is open and buzzing with classes and students.
Unless you intend to just pay casually per class you attend, it is cheaper to pay upfront for a course. We require a non refundable booking fee of $50 per course to secure your spot and the remaining amount can either be paid in full on the day of your first class or you can go on a payment plan. The payment plans are organised via direct debit to your account and need to be paid in weekly automatic instalments over the first 4 weeks of the course. A payment plan also incurs a small processing fee to cover the direct debit charges.
What you need to bring with you to an aerial class is different depending on which course you are doing. Typically you don't need to bring any equipment with you other than a bottle of water but what you wear will help give you the best grip on the aerials so it's important to be prepared with the right clothes so you can get the most out of every class! POLE DANCING CLASSES * Shorts that either show your thighs or can be rolled up (anything you have at home that isn't denim or lycra will be fine) * High Heels, Wedges or Boots (this isn't a full requirement so if you don't own any of those options, you can just as easily do the classes in runners or bare feet) AERIAL HOOPS * Full length leggings * Leg Warmers to bunch up around your knees and protect the backs of them from rubbing on the Hoops * Socks AERIAL SILKS * Full length leggings (shiny material is quite slippery on our Silks so normal cotton pairs provide the best grip) * Something not too baggy on the top * Nothing with zips on it All of our classes have a strict NO JEWELLERY policy so please leave all your rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces and big earrings at home incase you misplace them taking them off at the studio.
It is no problem at all if you need to miss a class during the length of your course! We offer catch up classes but you do need to give us atleast 12 hours notice that you won't be attending your regular class in order for us to help you out with booking in one to take it's place. Catch up classes can be used on any of the other classes we have on our timetable as long as it isn't a higher level class or listed as a workshop but they do need to be used within the 8 weeks of the course you are enrolled in. We can not use missed classes to offer you a discount on future courses or refunds and we can not roll your catch up classes into new terms.
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds as we are operating every course with maximum or minimum number so any changes in bookings, no matter what the reason, can not incur a refund. However we do offer credit which you can use for up to 6 months from the date you purchased the course with us. If you are unable to use the credit, you also have the option of receiving your credit amount in the form of a gift voucher so you can gift it to someone else.
When the Victorian Government issues Covid 19 Lock Downs, we automatically pause all classes and everyones bookings in their courses. You will remain booked into the course/s that you paid for up to 2 weeks. Typically after longer than 2 weeks, we will have to reopen with Government restrictions on density limits within the studio and how many people can be within one class which means we have to cancel the Term that was running before the Lock Down started and begin a brand new one when we are allowed to open again. In this instance, every student who has paid for a course/s within that Term will be issued with a credit amount that is based on what you paid and how many classes you did before the Lock Down began. We work out credit based on the classes participated in at discounted casual rates ($25 per skill building class, $15 per casual course class). You will be able to use this credit to rebook into the new Term when we are allowed to open for in studio classes again.