Our Instructors

5D Squad ensures we give our students variety in every class so that your exercise is always exciting! We know that everyone has different needs and wants from their aerial fitness, so we’ve made sure to give you the best qualified instructors at our Rowville studio.


MINI BIO: Cassandra is the owner of 5D Squad and has been dancing ever since she was old enough to move her feet. She has trained in almost all styles of dance, her biggest love being for hip hop until she found pole back in 2003. She became a latin ballroom dance teacher by day and nightclub freestyle podium dancer by night after graduating high school then started 5D Squad in 2006. She has performed on stage with many international music acts both here in Australia and was a principle dancer in the Australian Michael Jackson Tribute Show for years before giving up the stage to focus on the studios full time.

TEACHES: Pole Dancing, Booty Camp, Stretch & Flex, Aerial
Yoga and Aerial Cube
STRENGTHS: Splits, Muscle Building & Full On Sweaty Mess Workouts
FAVOURITE THINGS: Adventures, Halloween, Bed Time and Chocolate



MINI BIO: Clare’s whole life has been dedicated to the arts of any form! She took countless dance classes during her schooling before finally being set free to study full time dance, join a cover band as a singer, perform in many plays, become a member of a burlesque troupe, dance the night away as a podium dancer and of course, teach at 5D Squad. Whilst Clare has since slowed down on performing in every circuit in Melbourne since starting a family, she still works in theatre, is doing her PHD in the arts and has become a qualified pilates instructor.

TEACHES: Stretch & Flex and Pole Dancing
STRENGTHS: Flexibility, Technical Dance, Muscle Movement & Anatomy
FAVOURITE THINGS: Surprises, Good Food & Coffee and Her 2 Sons

Pole Fanatics instructor Clare


MINI BIO: Jenny landed her job as an aerial instructor completely by accident when she came to the studio to meet up with a friend and ended up staying to try a class. We saw her freakish strength and natural talent for aerials straight away and immediately asked her if she wanted to train to become an instructor. Jenny actually said no a couple of times but we persisted and now all these years later, Jenny is now a well known Aerial Hoops artist who actually gets paid for her fail videos on Instagram and You Tube!

TEACHES: Aerial Hoops, Pole Dancing and Aerial Silks
STRENGTHS: Dynamic Drops & Flips, Adagio & Super Human Strength
FAVOURITE THINGS: Coffee, Travel, Snowboarding & Random Adventures

Pole Fanatics instructor Jenny


MINI BIO: Kelly started out as a student at 5D Squad and finally became an instructor after starting Aerial Hoops. Kelly has an extensive background in dance and you can still catch her performing with her Samba troupe in the tiny sequin bikinis and giant feathers at major events all around Melbourne. Her beautiful nurturing nature is perfect for our smaller sized classes and certainly explains why so many of Kelly’s students are now close enough friends to be at her daughters birthday parties.

TEACHES: Aerial Hoops and Booty Camp
STRENGTHS: Muscle Building, Twerking & Qualified Barre Instructor
FAVOURITE THINGS: Glitter, Cowboy Hats & Boots and Cats

Pole Fanatics instructor Kelly


MINI BIO: Kylie is Cassandra’s twin sister and has just recently started a family although she continued to teach aerials all the way up until 8 months pregnant and was back at the studio just 5 weeks after giving birth. You just can not keep her feet on the ground no matter how hard you try! Kylie also is the creator of Miss Lyra Australia, The Australian Aerial Awards and runs The Miss Pole Dance Victoria show. On top of all of this, she is also a well known Melbourne DJ, KC Lily. You can hear plenty of her music in our studio being played for warm ups, through out our additional fitness classes and all through Show Case season!

TEACHES: Silks, Aerial Hoops, Pole Dancing, Pole Flow and Trapeze
STRENGTHS: Russian Exotic, Flow & Energiser Bunny Stamina
FAVOURITE THINGS: Fireworks, Unicorns, Zombies & Her Kids

Pole Fanatics instructor Kylie


MINI BIO: Laura was fresh out of studying 3 years of full time dance in jazz, ballet, hip hop, musical theatre and contemporary when she started pole training and was a natural at it. Her years of experience teaching kids dance classes and performing as a Melbourne Storm Cheerleader translated perfectly into the world of teaching aerial fitness. We are very lucky to have Laura as she is often overseas sharing her talents. Whether it be doing 2 weeks of intensive workshops with world famous choreographers in LA or performing in a stage show with a world wide cast of dancers in Turkey, Laura loves dancing her way around the globe.

TEACHES: Silks, Aerial Hoops, Stretch & Flex and Aerial Yoga
STRENGTHS: Splits, Technical Dance and Drops
FAVOURITE THINGS: Summer, The Beach, Dancing & Glitter


MINI BIO: Maria is originally from California where she went to University to do her Bachelors in Dance and work the audition scene, landing dancing and acting jobs alongside many of the famous choreographers and actors in Los Angeles. When she moved to Melbourne, she took an immediate liking to burlesque, contortion, acrobatics and pole dancing to add to her already busy dance resume. Maria keeps up her passion for all things dance with her own business, 8 Count Dance, where she choreographs wedding dances and teaches at hens nights.

TEACHES: Stretch & Flex, Acro, Pole Dancing & Aerial Yoga
STRENGTHS: Flexibility, Technical Dance and Adagio
FAVOURITE THINGS: Romance, Handstands, Hello Kitty and Her Son

Pole Fanatics instructor Maria


MINI BIO: Virginia also started as a student at 5D Squad and we quickly fell in love with her talent, sense of humour and dedication when she competed and placed in some of Melbourne’s pole dancing competitions. Since becoming an instructor, Virginia gave up her full time office job and has become a qualified Personal Trainer, specialising in post and pre natal PT. She runs her own boot camps in St Kilda and spends more of her time upside down than the right way up which we think, gives her a great perspective on life!

TEACHES: Pole Dancing, Pole Flow, Stretch & Flex & Acro
STRENGTHS: Splits, Partner Acro, Russian Exotic and Qualified PT
FAVOURITE THINGS: Wine, Acro and Her Cat

Pole Fanatics instructor Virginia