Aerial Silks Courses

Do you want to build strength and flexibility whilst learning a new art form? Discover a new way to work out that’s so much fun it doesn’t even feel like exercise in 5D Squad aerial silks courses! No experience is required, as you can make your way through our beginner and intermediate courses, all the way to our advanced and elite courses at our studio in Rowville, Melbourne.

All about Aerial Silks

You may have seen aerial silks performances at the circus or at a Pink concert and thought it looks like something you would never be able to do. Well think again! You can learn Silks no matter what your strength, flexibility or co ordination is like right now. Our Silks are 7 metre long pieces of specially made material that hang from the ceiling that you can learn to climb, go upside down on, wrap yourself up in pretty shapes and even do dare devil, twirly, rolly polly drops!



Benefits of Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is amazing for building upper body strength and dramatically improving your flexibility and co ordination! You can start with absolutely zero experience in anything and within just 8 short weeks, work your way into being able to climb, go upside down and see noticeable differences in your physical fitness.



No experience necessary to start


Fun & effective fitness you’ll stick to


Small classes so you get more help


Improve your co ordination & confidence


Every class is different and progressive 


Friendly & supportive instructors 


Develop your strength & flexibility 


Make some awesome new friends



Our Classes

Our Beginners level course is designed to presume you have zero experience in aerials and are probably very nervous about starting so don’t stress, we won’t expect you to be dropping from 7 metres high in your first class! Each one hour class consists of a warm up, learning progressively harder skills and tricks each week, putting those skills into combinations to music, strengthening to work on developing your upper body and core muscles and lastly, a cool down to work on your flexibility. 

Beginner Course

Our beginner level courses are designed for those just starting out in aerial silks, so there is no experience necessary! In these introductory classes, you can expect to learn the basics of aerial silks and the fundamental skills that will be the foundation of your training.

Starting from $200 for our eight week course, start to gain confidence with the silks, and learn the beginnings of this aerial art. With no experience required, all you need is a positive attitude and some bravery to have the time of your life in our aerial silks classes!

Term 1 2024 Available Times- currently unavailable

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Intermediate Course

After completing your beginner course, you’ll be hooked on the feeling of flying! Your confidence will begin to grow as you learn new tricks, hangs and routines week to week. The next step in your aerial silks journey will be to enrol in our intermediate course.

For $230, you will undertake our eight-week course that builds upon the fundamentals of aerial silks. Witness your strength and flexibility improve every week along with gaining more confidence and valuable friendships.

Term 1 2024 Available Times- currently unavailable

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Advanced Course

With the basics of aerial silks under your belt, you’ll begin undertaking more advanced skills and combinations. Take your skills to the next level with our advanced course, where you will learn more complex tricks and hangs with confidence!

For $230, you can develop your aerial silks skills in our eight week advanced course. Improve your overall fitness and strength each week to be able to undertake the tricks you see in online videos!

Term 1 2024 Available Times- Mondays at 6pm & Wednesdays at 8pm

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Elite Course

Once you have moved up to elite level, you can fly to great heights and smash any skill that comes your way. With your developed strength, flexibility and determination, you can tackle the most difficult of skills and combinations, and execute them gracefully!

For $230, take your aerial silks skills up a notch with our eight week elite course. Smash your aerial silks goals week after week, and defy gravity with complex tricks and hangs. At elite level, you can even begin entering national aerial competitions to take your skills to the next level.

Term 1 2024 Available Times- Mondays at 8pm & Tuesdays at 6pm

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Masterclass Course

With your skills mastered, you may think your aerial silks journey is at a standstill, but with the ever changing world of aerial artistry, there is never nothing new to try! In our masterclass course, you will unlock your true potential as an aerialist by trying and mastering the most innovative aerial silks skills.

For $230, become the best aerialist you can be with our eight week masterclass course. Focus hard on your technique, and soar to greater heights than ever before with new tricks and combinations. Become a real-life aerial silks artist with your refined skills, and smash your goals every week!

Term 1 2024 Available Times- Tuesdays at 8pm

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Visit our Rowville Studio

Our aerial silks courses are held at our large studio in Rowville, Melbourne. Our friendly instructors will supply you with the silks, and all the equipment you need to get started on your aerial journey!

Address: Factory 3/ 5 Kelletts Road, Rowville VIC 3138

Our Instructors


We have never met anyone who didn't like Laura and we're positive that you're going to fall in love with her sweet nature and infectious smile too!
You are in safe hands with Laura with her education and experience in professional dance and years of teaching thousands of budding aerialists how to fly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is aerial silks dangerous?
It's understandable that you might be doubtful that 2 pieces of material can hold your body weight but our Aerial Silks are rated to 3 tonnes so unless you weigh more than a small SUV car, you won't be able to break our Silks! Our Silks are also on pulley systems so if you get accidentally all caught up in a trick that you can't get yourself out of, we can easily use the pulley to help lower you down to the big squishy crash mats under your Silk.
It is best to wear full length leggings and something not too loose on the top for Silks. Due to the material of the Silks, cotton clothing will give you the best grip instead of lycra or shiny based materials. We also have a strict no shoes, zips or jewellery policy on our Silks as these things can very easily tear the Silks. Jewellery is in danger of being torn off you if it gets caught up in a wrap so it's best to leave all jewellery (especially rings, bracelets and big earrings) at home.
Usually there's no need to book in for an assessment with us to determine which of our levels would be suited to your skill set from another studio. We think it's way better if you come try out a casual class with us so you can meet the other students, get a feel for our instructors style and experience the atmosphere at the studio. Because after all, if you don't like any of that stuff, it doesn't really matter which level of ours is best for you! Feel free to contact us to have a chat about your previous training experience so we can make some suggestions of which casual class to try with us.
We do require a $50 deposit to hold a spot in all of our courses and the remaining amount needs to be paid in full before the end of week 1 of your course. You can go on a payment plan but please be aware that payment plans incur a weekly $5 fee for every week past the due date that you are still paying it off.