Aerial Hoops & Lyra Courses

Looking to turn fitness into a fun and empowering experience? Explore the world of aerial hoops with 5D Squad Lyra courses! From exciting tricks, to newfound flexibility and strength, aerial hoops is a skill that can be enjoyed by beginners and elite level artists alike. Make your way through our beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite course to reach new heights with your aerial skills.

What are aerial hoops?

You have probably seen Aerial Hoops at a circus or they even have them in night clubs now! Aerial artists are popping up everywhere now and just remember, they are normal ordinary people just like you who once were beginners too!

Hoops (Lyra) are the easiest of all our apparatuses to learn if you’re starting from scratch. Aerial Hoops are a steel ring hanging from the ceiling where you can build your upper body and core strength by learning dizzying spins underneath, super cool tricks inside, daring transitions around the sides and even big scary drops from above the Hoop.


Benefits of Aerial Hoop & Lyra

Aerial Hoop is amazing for building strength, especially in your upper body and core and helps you to gain flexibility with the impressive tricks in the higher levels that require a stretchy back and splits. Plus it’s waaaaaay more fun than just doing regular old chin ups at the gym.



Get strong and flexy


Look forward to your work outs


Improve your co ordination


See noticeable results in just 8 weeks


Learn progressively harder tricks and skills


Get lots of help from the instructor with small classes


Great for beginners


Make some awesome new friends

Our Classes

Our Aerial Hoop classes go for one hour per week. In every class you do a warm up to get the body going, learn progressively harder tricks and skills on the Hoop, put those together into combinations to create routines and then finish off with some strengthening to build your upper body and core muscles and a stretch out at the end. It’s a jam packed hour but we promise you will look forward to it every week!

Beginner Course

Our beginners courses are designed presuming you have no experience in aerials at all! You don’t have to have any strength or flexibility to start with or even consider yourself to be co ordinated. These are the things that we will help you gain during your 8 weeks with us!

Starting from $200 for our eight week Beginner 1 course, begin to learn new skills every week, look forward to your weekly work out, make some awesome new friends and have an absolute blast. All you need to do to get started is come with a positive attitude, a bit of bravery and be prepared to have some serious fun!

Term 3 2024 Available Times- Thursdays at 5pm

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Intermediate Course

Now that you’ve begun your journey into aerial hoops, you’ll find it impossible to stop! With your confidence growing in basic hoop skills, learning new tricks and performing combinations, you can further your growth in our intermediate classes.

For $230, you’ll complete an eight week course that will take the beginner skills you have learned, and take them to new heights. You will learn something new every week, and be able to see your strength and flexibility improve.

Term 3 2024 Available Times- Wednesdays at 5pm & Thursdays at 8pm

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Advanced Course

As you’re now more confident with your lyra skills, and you’re learning new tricks, you’re ready to take it to a new level. In our advanced course, you’re going to learn all the skills you’ve seen in online videos, that you could only dream of!

For $230, take on the eight week advanced course, where you will progress your strength and flexibility, and smash your aerial goals! We turn it up a notch, so hold on tight girl (literally), your fitness is in for a wild ride!

Term 3 2024 Available Times- Thursdays at 6pm

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Elite Course

At elite level, there are no aerial hoops skills you can’t smash! With your training up until this point, you are able to execute the most difficult of skills, and if you can’t, you have the flexibility, strength and determination to fly through it!

For $230, experience the eight week elite course, so you can maximise your aerial hoop skills. Soar into new and difficult skills, and even enter national aerial competitions! Defy gravity with new challenges every week in our elite course.

Term 3 2024 Available Times- Wednesdays at 6pm & 7pm

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Masterclass Course

With the ever changing world of aerial hoops, there is never not a new skill for you to try! In our masterclass courses, you will not only have the opportunity to keep up with new aerial skills, but also have the chance to become the best aerialist you can be.

For $230, take on an eight week masterclass course where we drill down on technique and experience new and innovative techniques. Become a real-life aerial hoops artist, and smash your most challenging goals with our masterclass course.

Term 3 2024 Available Times- Mondays at 7pm, Tuesdays at 7pm & Thursdays at 7pm

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Our Instructors


We have never met anyone who didn't like Laura and we're positive that you're going to fall in love with her sweet nature and infectious smile too!
You are in safe hands with Laura with her education and experience in professional dance and years of teaching thousands of budding aerialists how to fly.

Pole Fanatics instructor Kelly
Kelly D

A home grown 5D Squad student, Kelly was far too huggable and helpful not to take on as an instructor!
Her extremely nurturing personality will help you achieve your aerial goals at whatever pace you are comfortable with and you might even walk away from each class with her favourite daily affirmation to contemplate for the drive home.


Hannah is a stunning aerialist who is absolutely beautiful to watch every time she graces a stage. Let her natural talents for Lyra rub off on you and fall in love with her soft spoken nature and super encouraging personality during your weekly work out with her.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is aerial hoops/lyra dangerous?
Whilst the idea of hanging on a suspended hoop may seem daunting, it is completely safe. The Hoops are all made of solid steel and can take up to 3 tonnes worth of weight so unless your the same weight as a small SUV, you'll be totally fine! Our Hoops are on a pulley system so we can set the Hoops as low or high as you feel comfortable and all of our Hoops have a nice soft crash mats under them. Our class sizes are also quite small so that you get lots of hands on help from our instructors in every class.
We recommend wearing full length leggings and leg warmers that can be bunched at the knees to protect the backs of your knees from rubbing on the hoop. If you don't have any leg warmers, we do have share pairs at the studio to borrow. We also recommend leaving all your jewellery (especially hand and wrist jewellery) at home as the Hoops are made of steel and can damage rings, watches, bracelets, etc.
Usually there's no need to book in for an assessment with us to determine which of our levels would be suited to your skill set from another studio. We think it's way better if you come try out a casual class with us so you can meet the other students, get a feel for our instructors style and experience the atmosphere at the studio. Because after all, if you don't like any of that stuff, it doesn't really matter which level of ours is best for you! Feel free to contact us to have a chat about your previous training experience so we can make some suggestions of which casual class to try with us.
We do require a $50 deposit to hold a spot in all of our courses and the remaining amount needs to be paid in full before the end of week 1 of your course. You can go on a payment plan but please be aware that payment plans incur a weekly $5 fee for every week past the due date that you are still paying it off.