Kids Aerial Classes in Melbourne

A new activity your kids will love!

5D Squad is now offering Kids Aerial and Acrobatic classes in Melbourne! Your little ones will be able to learn all the basics circus skills with both aerial hoops and aerial silks in one class. With the help of our professional and friendly instructors, they will be super excited to come and have a play with us and their new friends every week!

Classes for the littlest acrobats

Let your mini me find their new favourite activity with our Tiny Aerials and Acrobatics classes for kids from five to eight years old! They will learn the basics of acrobatics, dance, and aerial skills while swinging, climbing, balancing, tumbling and jumping off all their energy!

At $200 for a ten-week course, enrol your tiny one in a fun and energising activity with our Tiny Aerials and Acrobatics class.

Term 3 2024 Available Times – Mondays at 4:00pm starting July 15th to September 16th

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Fun fitness for your kids

Introduce your little one to the feeling of flying with our Kids Aerial classes for ages eight to thirteen. Each week they will learn progressively harder tricks and skills in aerials and acro to not only help them improve on their circus skills but also their strength, flexibility, coordination and concentration.

At $200 for a 10 week course, get your kid interested in a fun fitness activity with our Kids Aerial classes.

Term 3 2024 Available Times (years 8-12) – Mondays at 5pm starting July 15th to September 16th

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School Holiday Workshops

Need activity for the kids these school holidays? Check out our school holidays workshops – the perfect place for your little one to try out a new activity! We offer acro and aerials workshops, hammocks and hoops workshops as well as silks and acro workshops

Places are limited, so contact us today to secure your spot, or drop by our Rowville studio!

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Kids Aerials & Acrobatics Parties

Celebrate at 5D Squad with our Kids Aerial Parties! No matter the occasion, we can help your little one and their friends explore the world of aerials and acrobatics in a fun and safe environment.

What’s Included?
  • 1.5 hours of lesson time with our instructors on both our Aerial Hoops and Aerial Silks apparatuses
  • Bonus time for your kids to try all our different apparatuses under supervision
  • Table & space to set up food and drinks (catering not included)
  • Kitchen for complimentary use

We have a maximum number of participating guests of 14 children (aged 3-5 and 6-14) to ensure that everyone is properly supervised and receive enough time on the apparatuses. We don’t have a minimum number of guests required, but do require a $200 minimum spend at our Kids Aerial Parties.

Price: $40 per person (spectators do not need to pay)

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Try it casually first!

If you want to see how your little one goes with a class before committing to a full course, you are more than welcome to bring them in for just a casual class first! It is only $30 for a casual class and if they love it and want to keep going with the classes, we will put the amount of your casual class towards the cost of the course for you.

Visit our Rowville Studio

Our Kids Aerials and Tiny Aerials and Acrobatics courses are held at our large studio in Rowville, Melbourne. Our friendly instructors have years of experience with teaching kids and will make sure everyone leaves each class feeling accomplished and confident!

Address: Factory 3/ 5 Kelletts Road, Rowville VIC 3138

Book In Your Class Today!

Ready to get your mini me signed up for a fun new activity? Join the family at 5D Squad to give your child the feeling of flying, opportunity to make new friends and have a whole bunch of fun! Plus the time to yourself each week is an added bonus too!


Find the best time for you with our class timetable, and book in your course today!

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