Private Lessons Available

If you’re looking to fast track your learning, want to learn specific skills or just have a crazy schedule and can’t commit to regular group classes, we do offer private one on one lessons in Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoops and Silks. The benefits of private lessons are that you get an instructor all to yourself for an hour and you get to choose what you would like to work on so you can really overcome particularly difficult skills or spend more time on combinations. The choice is entirely up to you! It’s also a great option when preparing for a competition so you can get some help choreographing or refining your routine from an expert.

Available times for privates vary depending on which studio, instructor and apparatus you are wanting so contact us any time to have a chat about booking in!

Package Prices:
1 or 2 Privates= $85 each
3 or 4 Privates= $75 each
5 or more Privates= $65 each