Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales time is here with some of our most favourite classes available for just $50 for 4 weeks! 

There’s just 4 more weeks left until we close for the Holiday break so this is your last chance to squeeze in some fun and fitness time with us for 2023! Spaces available are limited but open to absolutely all levels, including brand new beginners to our special type of fitness so get in quick to trial run your new 2024 addiction!



Here’s where you start if you are an absolute beginner to Pole for fitness! Don’t stress if you think that you’re not strong enough to do Pole or you have no dance background, etc. There are no prerequisites at all to get started and we will help you get strong, flexible and become an awesome dancing diva over the 8 weeks of the course. So much fun that you won’t even realise you are exercising!

When: Tuesdays at 6pm starting November 28th & Thursdays at 7pm starting November 30th

How Much: $80 for a 4 week course





Come get your dance fix with us and learn the amazing art of Russian Exotic! We teach a different mini routine every second week and you don’t need to have any previous Pole Dancing experience to join in on the fun! You’ll still love getting your sweat pouring and learning how to twist, turn, spin and hair flick your way around the base of the Pole and floor, even if you feel like you have 2 left feet!

When: Tuesdays at 6pm starting November 28th & Wednesdays at 7pm starting November 29th

How Much: $50 for a 4 week course





Show your sore muscles some love with our Stretch & Flex classes where you can kick your shoes off and enjoy the benefits of a good old stretch sesh! Improve your flexibility, posture, circulation and mood with a series of stretches that help you reach your flex goals as well as improve your general all over health. Suitable for all levels of flexibility from those who already have flat splits to those who can’t touch their toes yet and everyone in between!

When: Tuesdays at 8pm starting November 28th and Wednesdays at 7pm starting November 29th (WEDNESDAYS SOLD OUT)

How Much- $50 for a 4 Week Course






Aerial Yoga is like a perfect mash up of Silks and Stretch & Flex. Use your hammock to create incredible flexibility by utilising anti gravity and pressure point stretching techniques. Each student has their own personal hammock to be able to relax, unwind and get super deep into your flexibility potential. We also work on building your balance and strength in every class and there’s always a fun trick to attempt at the end plus some time for floating in peace in your hammock before class is over.

When: Thursdays at 6pm starting November 30th

How Much- $50 for a 4 Week Course






For those of you who like to sweat and walk away from your work out feeling the burn, Booty Camp is the full body workout for you! We use a mixture of different equipment (including our aerial apparatuses) to help you build a booty, strengthen your arms, bring out your abs and tighten up your legs. The work out is different every week so you’ll never get bored with doing the same thing on repeat and we mix it all up with some super motivating tunes to keep you going!

When: Thursdays at 7pm starting November 30th

How Much- $50 for a 4 Week Course





Spin Bike is our quick 30 minute class where you can work on your cardio, build your booty and sweat away your troubles to some awesome tunes! Every class guides you through different adventures on your bike where you might be escaping a tsunami one week and then partying it up down Venice Beach bike track the next. It’s the perfect way to punch out your exercise for the day quickly and effectively!

When: Saturdays at 9:30am starting December 2nd

How Much- $30 for a 4 Week Course



** Contact us any time on 0422 304 483 or [email protected] to book or ask any questions **